Faculty Bio: Jena Klein, Adjunct Online Faculty Member

Jena Klein-Adjunct Online Faculty Member

Professionally, I have held several positions over the past two decades, but I keep finding myself drawn to teaching and writing. I enjoy surrounding myself with learning, whether I am the one learning or you are. I have held several positions as both an instructor and a professional writer. I firmly believe that education and
writing are passions, and I look forward to sharing those passions with you.

Academically, I decided to strike out on my own through education. On my journey, I took classes at: Western Illinois University, University of Wisconsin Stout, St.
Cloud State University (twice), Saint Mary’s University, and Walden University. From those institutions, I walked away with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in English, and a gaggle of additional educational credits.

With that education, I have been able to earn freedom, independence, and means to the
lifestyle of my choice. Currently that lifestyle includes: spending time with family and friends, competing in triathlons, gardening, and of course, teaching!