Faculty Spotlight!

It is a pleasure to work in the Online Department as the Online Information Technology Program Chair. I have been teaching online and residentially at Globe University – Minnesota School of Business for more than 8 years now, and I have developed many of the courses in our Information Technology Program for online delivery.

 I completed my studies in Computer Science and International Business at “Politehnica” University of Bucharest and The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies – two of the most renowned universities in Romania, with Master’s level degrees. Since then, I have held Database Developer and Systems Engineer positions at Aqua Nova in Bucharest, and transitioned into an IT Training Manager role. I have also led many IT training sessions at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute and taught at National American University in the past. I have earned my Master Instructor Certification for Microsoft Office and I participate in exam development sessions as a Subject Matter Expert for Microsoft Learning in Redmond WA. I am passionate about education and IT training and a few years ago I co-founded a non-profit training association which, by now, has delivered computer training courses to more than 5000 students in 12 schools in Bucharest.

We came to Minneapolis in 1999 and loved it; miss Minnesotans’ snow driving skills! I now live in the Seattle, WA area, with my husband and our three children and we’re enjoying the Pacific Northwest with the picturesque hiking trips, the lakes and the Puget Sound, ocean beaches and skiing at Snoqualmie Pass.

I am available in Pronto and of course, through e-mail! I encourage you to take full advantage of the great materials provided with our courses, and learn more about IT through reading, discussions, and experimenting with new technologies!