Former Minnesota Timberwolves Player Gives Keynote Speech at Globe University Graduation

Online graduates look on as Richard Coffey, former Minnesota Timberwolves player, delivers a keynote speech.

Online students of the Minnesota School of Business and Globe University celebrated their long awaited spring graduation ceremony. In total, 43 graduates walked the stage that evening with each graduate embarking on a new journey in their lives.

The ceremony opened with a note from Master’s of Business Administration student,Natalee Schalk, who gave her fellow students a few key pieces of advice. Schalk encouraged students to continue to fuel their flame for knowledge and learning in everything they do throughout their lives. Schalk also shared some personal advice for the students by encouraging them to build their professional networks. She said, “A resume’ isn’t enough anymore. You have to put yourself out there by meeting people face-to-face, and shaking their hands. That’s how you’ll get the job.”

The next speaker of the evening was Todd Walden. Walden, an instructor at our Minnesota School Business-Richfield campus, offered up three steps to changing the world.

  1. Reach out: Use your network of friends and family. Build and foster the relationships and make them meaningful.
  2. Seek the Truth:  Don’t let technology blind you; go out and find the truth for yourself. In doing this, you’ll broaden your perspective, and you’ll have a bigger impact in the world.
  3. Think Critically: The world is full of problems. Instead of stepping aside, step in front. Trust your experience, and use it to lead others.

Richard Coffey delivers a motivational message to graduates before they receive their diplomas.

The last and most anticipated speaker of the evening was former Minnesota Timberwolves forward Richard Coffey. Coffey, who is now a motivational speaker, encouraged the graduates to stay out of the comfort zone by challenging themselves. He said, “Fear is a power that can be against you. You need to find a way to fight past your fears, and you should never let fear stop you from trying new things.”

Coffey went on to say, “Focus on being great. Find something that you can say you’re the best at, and if you believe you’re great, you are.”

As the ceremony came to an end, and students finished receiving their diplomas and hoods, the crowd moved to the reception area to enjoy refreshments provided by the career services team.