Globe’s Commitment to Community Continues at JA Biztown

Junior Achievement, Globe University

Globe University volunteers (from left) Jessica Blaisdell, Arthur Sears, Elaine Settergren, Alyssa Novak, Serena Franken, and Rori Coleman-Woods

On Tuesday, June 11, six Globe University-Online staff members spent the morning helping out at the Junior Achievement (JA) of the Upper Midwest Biztown Facility. JA Biztown is a program designed to help students in grades 3-8 apply basic business skills in a real-life community commerce setting.

The JA program actually starts in the classroom, where students learn basic business and accounting skills such as writing checks, balancing a checkbook, and understanding banking deposits and savings accounts.  Next, students enter the kid-sized city at the JA Biztown facility where they’ve each been assigned a community role. Using their new skills students operate their businesses in an effort to pay off their business loans and turn a profit for their store.

In order to facilitate this day for the kids, Globe University staff members were each assigned a local biztown business to oversee. The volunteers helped the students pay their payroll, make bank deposits, pay invoices, and accept payments for goods sold. Using true to life business accounting principles, the volunteers helped students determine price structuring, estimate payroll and inventory costs, and even merchandise their stores to increase customer traffic.

Altogether, there were 14 businesses in the JA Biztown, including a bank, grocery store, city hall, town newspaper, and even a radio station where students could play their favorite songs or give a shoutout to a friend! For a complete tour of the JA Biztown click here.

Globe volunteer Serena said on her day at JA Biztown:

“I think I learned as much as the kids did today! But, the best part of my volunteer experience at JA Biztown was hearing one of my grocery workers declare how tough the job of a CFO is. You really can’t help but smile when you see the light go on for the students.”

Part of Globe University’s mission is to continue building and strengthening the communities our students live in. If you know of an organization that may benefit from our volunteer services, please contact to discuss how we can collaborate.