Graduate On-Time or even Early and Pay Less

By: Lesley Farnham

As the Director of Career Services I’d like to share with you all some thoughts on
how you can reach your goal of graduating and to do it in a more timely fashion.

The first tip is to take a full-time course load level, which is typically four
classes/16 credits.  If you would like to complete your degree quicker you can raise that to five classes/20 credits. Not only will you graduate faster you will do so at a lower cost, this way any credits above 16 are not charged tuition per our catalog.  Just books and lab fees are charged, so a double win for you!  Speaking of saving money, most scholarships (including many of our own) require that you be a full-time student to be eligible for them.

Now, a common objection to being a full-time student is that a person does not have the time to be successful and focus on four or five classes along with the rest of the demands in their life.  I do understand that, but want to share this with you.  According to a 2011 study by Complete College American, a non-profit organization, “Time is the enemy of college completion. The longer it takes, the more life gets in the way of success.”

Yes, it is a balancing act between your schooling and the rest of your life demands, but truly the more you can give to your schooling now the better the results will be in the end.  It requires a temporary commitment to make school a top priority now to see long-term results from that focus.  Having earned your degree the better your chances are at a new position in the field you are studying in.  Additionally, statistics show that the higher your degree the higher your earning potential is, so why not get started on earning more sooner by receiving your degree as soon as you can?!