Graduate Profile

The staff and faculty of the online division would like to congratulate Rob Shurtleff on his recent graduation.  Rob shares with us about his background and his experience while at Minnesota School of Business.

Rob recently completed his Associates of Applied Science in Management Accounting from Minnesota School of Business. Rob has a background as an administrative assistant with the US Navy and as a mortgage loan processor for a local brokerage. Most recently, he worked with his wife at their bookkeeping company – Common Cents Bookkeeping Services, Inc. He decided to complete his Associate’s degree in Management Accounting for the purpose of becoming more proficient in bookkeeping. At his graduation in June of 2011, Rob realized that numbers are not his passion thus he decided to move forward with a degree in marketing. It was his love of web design that drove him  to make this decision and continue to use his VA benefits to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing.

What Rob has enjoyed the most about taking online courses at MSB is the flexibility of schedule. He is able to finish homework early in the morning or burn the midnight oil if he is busy.  Rob has enjoyed having the Richfield campus close and he feels that taking courses with a reputable accredited college is icing on the cake. He look forward to putting his new skills to good use. Upon graduation from his Bachelor’s degree, it is Rob’s goal to begin work as a freelance website designer and internet marketer for the small business owner who does not have the time, want, or know-how to complete this on their own.

Rob wants to share with new students that taking online courses may not be as easy as one thinks. It takes self-discipline, dedication, organization, and careful scheduling of time to stay on top of things. The rewards of doing so outweigh the trials and tribulations.

On a personal note, Rob and his wife have been married for almost 15 years and they have a 13 year old son.  Rob’s son was invited to be the back-up goalie for the Richfield, MN Pee-Wee Hockey team.  In his spare time, Rob helps around the house (including taking his son to hockey practice). If there is any time left over, Rob and his family enjoy spending time with their horses (2 Appaloosas) in Hugo, MN.