GU-Online Announces Community Service Scholarship Winner

Each quarter, Globe University-Online opens up a scholarship opportunity for students who volunteer in their communities. Once a student has completed a volunteer project, they can then submit their application and a short essay for a chance to earn $2,000 in tuition assistance.

As an organization, we believe that volunteering in your community is essential for both personal and professional development. Not only do you have the chance to give back to the community through charitable giving, but you also open yourself up to meeting other figures in the community, which can help build your professional network.

Kristina Dumire (L) and family pose with David Kuhn. A runner helping gain awareness about cystic fibrosis. Photo credit: Jourdan Vian, Tomah Newspapers

Let’s meet our most recent recipient of this wonderful opportunity:

Kristina Dumire- B.S.-Health Care Management

Finding time to volunteer is something Kristina Dumire makes a priority in her life. Despite being a busy mother, student, and professional, Dumire says volunteering is what brings her joy and helps set a positive example for her young family.

Some of Kristina’s volunteer experience comes in the form of donating blood every two months, but more recently the health care management student had a chance to put what she’s learned in the classroom into action by volunteering with a group of pre-K students.

Kristina decided to show the tiny tots the importance of washing your hands thoroughly to help prevent the spread of germs. To do this, Kristina decided to take a hands-on approach by having the kids cover their hands with glitter. Kristina then explained that if the glitter were germs, simply rubbing or rinsing your hands would not make much of an impact. Next, Kristina worked with the kids to help educate them on how to properly wash hands with soap and water. In order to leave a lasting impression on the kids, Kristina said giving the students little songs to sing while they washed up was important in making sure they had done a thorough job.

In addition to her classroom presentation, Kristina also explained that having a young son with cystic fibrosis is a major reason for her dedication to volunteering. So much so, that when Kristina heard that David Kuhn, a blind man running the perimeter of the United States to raise awareness about cystic fibrosis, would be arriving in her town and needed volunteers to help, she jumped at the chance. Although her family’s busy schedule did not allow for a ton of time to volunteer, Kristina was still able to aid in the cause by providing rides for David to and from the local high school track where he ran 20 miles a day for three days.

Congratulations once again to Kristina Dumire, and Thank You for giving back in your community!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to apply for the next round of community service scholarships, please contact me, Serena, directly at