Hanging Up with Confidence: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Phone Interview

phone-interviewPhone interviews can pose certain challenges to job hunters. How does the candidate best prepare for this type of interview? How can enthusiasm about the position be relayed when face-to-face communication is taken out of the equation? Is follow up done through a phone call, e-mail or handwritten thank you?   

While there is more than one answer to each of these questions, a recent article from LiveCareer gives some helpful tips about making the most of a phone interview situation.  It is one more opportunity for the candidate to communicate his or her skills and abilities to the prospective employer, show enthusiasm in the position and ask any questions they may have of the interviewer or company. Click here to read the LiveCareer article and place yourself a step ahead of the competition.

When employers call, follow these steps to make sure you’re ready to answer. Would you like assistance preparing for your phone interview? We are happy to help. Reach out to your Career Services Advisor today!