How to Land a Summer Internship

summer internshipWhen starting off in a new career or changing your career direction, it can at times be difficult to “get your foot in the door” and get your first on-the-job experience in your field of interest. Even after you graduate and have obtained your degree, many employers still look for related experience, which you simply may not have when you are first starting out. So how do you get your foot in the door in a new career? Many employers say internships are the answer.

Summer internships are currently at an all-time high and employers are constantly looking for motivated students and recent graduates to intern at their companies. Some internships may be paid, and some may not, but the key component in an internship is the experience you will gain which will only benefit your career in the future. Having the experience of an internship will set you apart from other recent graduates who may not have any related on-the-job experience.

So where do you find these internship opportunities?  Popular online job boards such as, CareerBuilder, and are continuously posting internship opportunities in a wide variety of career fields and locations. In addition, make sure to utilize your professional network when searching for an internship. This means speaking with current or past co-workers and supervisors, friends and family, and fellow students, instructors, and Program Chairs. Remember that the Career Services Department is also an excellent resource to help you search for and prepare for an

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