Instructors Introduce Video Lectures to the Globe University-Online Classroom

As an Online student at Globe University, there’s probably a good chance that you’ve never heard your instructor’s voice. Well, at least until now, that is. With the introduction of the iPad® in our Online courses, instructors are getting innovative with the way they deliver their course materials and assignments.  Probably the best example of this can be seen in Sam Osterhout’s writing composition class.

Globe University-Online, PreziI mean, let’s face it, college writing is not a course most students look forward to, but it is necessary. Now, thanks to Sam’s ingenuity, composition students can have a little interactive fun with their  NYC-based instructor.

Using the Prezi app for iPad,  Sam created a fun, easy-to-follow video lecture that describes the importance of using relevant details that may have shaped your audience’s view on a particular topic and then using those details to paint a descriptive picture for the audience. Click on the image above to watch Sam’s Prezi video on how to use description and details effectively in various forms of writing.

I asked Sam about some of the benefits of having the option to create these videos.

“Having video lectures as an option is freeing,” Sam said. “I know that I can always reinforce ideas or concepts that I see the students struggling with. I know from experience that often the same concepts are struggled with each quarter, so having video capabilities means that I can save old lectures, or fine tune them to fit the class personality or the specific challenges they are facing.”

Of course the most important aspect of these video lectures is how the students feel about them. Are they useful? Do they engage students and create an environment for the student to be successful?


Globe University-Online, PreziAccording to Sam, the answer is absolutely “The responses have been positive, but even when a student emails me to say, simply, ‘I loved the interview with that cinematographer you posted!’ I feel like I’ve made a connection that wouldn’t have otherwise been made.”

And lastly, I asked Sam what he liked most about having iPad tablets in the classroom, and he said, “The biggest advantage to using an iPad in class is flexibility. There is not one single way to approach any single problem—now I have my choice. I’m flexible in how I approach the material, but I’m also flexible in how I can communicate with my students. And while having more technology means I’m ‘on the job’ more, it also means that I’m available to my students whenever they need me.”

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