Jump Start Your Job Search

It is never too early to start preparing yourself for your job search after graduation.  Whether you are a new student or quickly approaching the end of your degree, the Career Services Department is here to help!  There are several ways that you can start preparing for your job search to get a jump start on the competition.


  • Volunteer: Many people have the misconception that volunteering isn’t something to include on your resume. Whether you are paid or not, the experience gained is still valuable and relevant to your job search! Setting aside a couple of hours a month while you are going to school to volunteer is an excellent way to gain experience related to your chosen career field.


  • Get an Internship: There are several internships available, both paid and unpaid that can help you gain the skills needed to land that first position. Sites like www.internships.com can be a great place to start, and this is the time of year to start looking. Keep an eye out for local career fairs as well, as employers are out and on the hunt for their summer interns.


  • Build your Professional Network: Over 70% of positions are filled through word of mouth, and never even advertised. Start growing your professional network now so that you can fully utilize it when you need it most. LinkedIn is a great place to start (www.linkedin.com) by joining “groups” related to your chosen career fields. GU/MSB/BVU has several groups you can join on this site including Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, and Career Services. Also, several professional associations have discounted membership rates for students, and this can be a great place to meet people in your specific career field.

Your Career Services Advisor is here to assist you in your job search both during your program and after graduation.  If you are currently looking for opportunities, get in touch with your Career Services Advisor to learn of the many resources our department has to offer!