Learn How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

online degree, online program, identity theft, criminal justice programJoin us for a webinar on May 8th or May 10th to learn about identity theft, causes and how to prevent it from happening to you.  You can join the webinar by clicking on the links below.

Below is the link for the identity theft training session on Tuesday May 8th at 6PM


Below is the link the identity theft training session on Thursday May 10th at 12:00 PM (noon)


Webinar Agenda:


  • Current state of affairs for identity theft which includes information on statistics & trends
  • What are the main causes of identity theft?
  • What techniques do criminals use?
  • How is the average person exposed to identity theft?
  • Data breaches and your personal information.
  • How to reduce your risk.
  • Isekurity – a brief explanation of a comprehensive service to prevent identity theft.