Maintaining a Professional Presence in the Online Environment

By Stephanie Heald-Fisher, Graduate Program Chair, Online Division

Today’s environment of social media has done  wonders for bringing people together and helping families and friends, separated by distance, remain close. It has also done wonders for employers wanting to learn more about prospective employees. Sometimes, these are things we don’t really want our future (or current) employers to know about.

 The link below is to an article on how to maintain a professional image on the Internet. With the advent of social networking sites, a new phenomenon in job hunting has appeared. Job hunters use the Internet to find jobs and network with others to find jobs. What some job hunters fail to realize is that the employers are using these sites as well to get some background information on prospective employees. There have been a number of articles about people with impressive resumes who couldn’t find a job and it was due primarily to pictures or comments posted on their Facebook, My Space, or other networking sites.

 This means that a professional image isn’t just about the clothes we wear or grooming any more. With email and the Internet, professional image has hit cyberspace as well!

 You can read more about maintaining a professional image on the Internet by clicking here.  These topics and more are covered in the classes offered at Globe University