Maintaining Professionalism Throughout Summer

The season of flip flops, shorts and tank tops has officially arrived.  Although the temperature is rising, it is important to continue representing yourself with a professional image in the workplace during these summer months.  Maintaining a professional image in the business world is important year round.  Specific dress codes will vary in different organizations, but use these basic guidelines to ensure that you are representing yourself in a positive manner:


  • Leave the flip flops at home. Even in the most casual of organizations, flip flops are generally unprofessional in the work place. Certain open toed shoes are acceptable, just make sure that your feet are clean and well maintained.


  • Never wear any strapless, or spaghetti strap shirts/tank tops. Your shoulders should never be showing in a business casual environment.


  • All skirts should fall below the knee.


  • Shorts are not appropriate in the workplace for men or women. Some organizations will allow capri pants or guachos, but make sure that this is acceptable before wearing them to work.


  • Most companies are fine with men wearing clean polo’s or short sleeved dress shirts, but graphic t-shirts should not be worn.


Above all, avoid any clothing that is sheer, sloppy or revealing.  If you are questioning whether or not something would be appropriate to wear, chances are it isn’t.  If you’d like to hear a bit more about proper business etiquette you can listen to this workshop<> by Career Service on Putting Your Best Foot Forward at.  If you ever have any questions about appropriate dress in the workplace, get in touch with your Career Services Advisor.