Meet Globe University-Online’s Newest Instructors

As you delve into your classes this quarter, take some time to learn about a few new online faculty members at Globe University. Shane Lee is new to Globe University, and Wendy Wettengel is new to the online world, but is a veteran instructor at our campuses. I will let them each tell you about themselves.

Online instructor Shane Lee and his family

Shane Lee

I have a bachelor’s in accounting, an MBA with an emphasis in accounting, and a PhD in Accounting (ABD). ABD stands for “all but dissertation.” I have completed my dissertation, and it’s currently going through the process of being approved. I teach many courses that include all levels of accounting classes, finance classes, math classes and stats class.

I have been married to my sweetheart for 19 years. We have been blessed with one daughter that just turned 18. We also have two dogs: Stella is a bull mastiff and Brigg is a dachshund (wiener dog). Two extremes in size, but we love them very much.

I work for the federal government as a department of defense auditor. I have been an auditor for five years now. Prior to being an auditor, I worked as a controller, tax accountant and a staff accountant.

I like to play sports, enjoy the outdoors and tinkering with my hands. I love to rebuild old cars. Currently, I am on the search for a car to rebuild.

Wendy Wettengel, online instructor

Wendy Wettengel

After managing convention center meetings and banquet spaces for 20 years, I became a massage therapist after needing a change. I have now been a massage therapist for just over 10 years. I operated a successful massage therapy business within the Palazzo Day Spa at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, from 2005-2010 and worked at Spa Shiki, one of the highest-rated destination resort/spas in the Midwest. I served on the Wisconsin State Licensing Board from 2011-2014, helping to guide the laws regulating massage therapy in Wisconsin. I have also been teaching with Globe University since December 2010.

My career has since brought me full circle—back into business management. While teaching for Globe University, I was able to earn my MBA, and I plan to reenter the business arena with new skills and knowledge.

I currently live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I enjoy Packers games, work on flipping a home with a friend, and playing with two cats whom I refer to as “the boys.​” I have lived in 12 states and three countries and look forward to my next move.

The most exciting managerial position I held was for the City of San Diego’s Convention Center. During my very first week with the company, we hosted a $10 million/day event for Microsoft with prominent entertainers.