Meet the Faculty, Ali Boloorian

Hello!  My name is Ali Boloorian. I’m writing from the City of Irvine in the heart of Orange County, California. I have a BA in Economics and BS in Mathematics from the University of California Irvine, and an MS in Economics & Finance. I taught Calculus and Economics courses while a graduate student at the University of California in Santa Cruz and currently teach Undergraduate Economics courses online as well as run my own business.

Upon completion of my graduate thesis I took a position with Environmental Credit Corp (ECC). ECC is a leading member of the greenhouse gas cap-and-trade inspired Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). They create environmental assets from greenhouse gas reduction projects. The company’s primary focused is on establishing a large and reliable source of carbon credits through cost-effective, long-term projects that reduce greenhouse gases. I worked with ECC as the companies first COO. Back then an environmental start-up, now I’m proud to say they are well on their way to fighting global greenhouse gases and global warming. With ECC I gained a great deal of experience and knowledge of Cap-and-Trade markets. I had the pleasure of meeting individuals like Dr. Richard Sandor, well known as the father of financial derivatives and currently the head of the Chicago Climate Exchange, as well as other influential Politicians and Business leaders dedicated to the fight against pollution.

Currently I own and operate a small alternative investment firm, Alliance Appraisal
Source. We are a family owned and operated company focused on delivering quality Real Estate Brokerage, Financing/Mortgage, Valuation, and Investment Consulting services throughout the Southern California region. I hold a CA Real Estate Broker License as well as CA Real Estate Appraiser License which help me with investment evaluations, consulting services and property acquisitions. My education and professional experience have qualified me to teach and discuss topics involving Business, Finance, Financial Markets, Real Estate, Economics and Politics.

My hobbies include playing Basketball and Baseball as well as getting together with the guys on my old College Crew (Rowing) team for a workout on the water every once in a while. I also enjoy coaching; I recently coached baseball at the high school level.