Memorial Day

Memorial Day, is a special day to most Americans for the time to spend with family, friends, and community as they remember their ancestors who have passed on before them.  It is a time for parades, memorial services, barbeques, and fellowship.  All of these things are important because they symbolize everything that men and women have fought and died to protect.

Memorial Day was first called Decoration Day to honor the soldiers from both the Union and Confederate armies who fought to make this country what it is today.  It was a day of healing between both sides of a war that tore the country in half and started a process of reconciliation.  The holiday was extended to honor all fallen soldiers after the World War I.

Even though intention of the holiday was set out to honor those who had  fallen in the line of duty, it has grown to be so much more.  In a time of trial, and hardship for many in our country we can have a day that we unite as communities and as a country to embrace the philosophy of the fallen soldiers.  They did not fight and die to protect a sole race, creed, religion or political party.  Instead they paid the ultimate sacrifice for a country that represents diversity, freedom, and personal responsibility.  They fought as one force, to protect one country, and up hold one identity.  The ones we honor on this very special day paid the ultimate sacrifice to uphold one fact that has been the foundation of our great country.  A foundation based upon principles that unite us as Americans and it is this foundation that has held us strong through countless trial, conflicts, and struggles.

On this Memorial Day, I hope everyone was able to think about the loved ones that they have to share it with as well as the ones who have gone before them.  It is my hope that we as Americans can pay the ultimate honor to those soldiers who have fallen to protect our way of life, by embracing and living the principles that they died for.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

GEN Online Military Team

Rick Johnson GySGT USMC (Ret)

Nick Jensen   AO2AW US Navy

Brian Davis   CPL US Army