One of Our Own: Online Instructor Establishes Bradley Blake Foundation in Memory of Slain Son

Sylvia Blake’s son Bradley Blake’s memory will live on through Sylvia’s work in her community.

What do you say to someone who has just lost a loved one? How will they be able to cope going forward? Well, those questions are probably best answered by someone who has experienced a similar loss in their own lives. And that is exactly what Globe University-Online instructor Sylvia Blake has set out on a mission to do.

Blake, an adjunct faculty member in the business department, teaches courses such as Microsoft Office Professional 1& 2, Keyboarding, and Introduction to Computers (just to name a few). She recently established a nonprofit organization in memory of her son Bradley Blake who was murdered shortly after Christmas in 2012. Blake says the primary reason she started the foundation was to, “serve as a catalyst in nurturing and restoring the lives of families and friends victimized by violent crimes. The vision is to be the leading voice in promoting non-violence.”

Blake went on to say, “Although we (the Blake family) are hurting, we want others to see that through prayers, sharing and caring they will make it. We want to help other survivors of homicides and violent crimes by nurturing and assisting in restoring their lives. In addition, we want to assist in helping families find the strength to do something positive in memory of their loved one to keep their legacy alive.”

Supporters of the Bradley Blake Foundation walk in a local parade to help remember Bradley as well as create awareness around the topic of youth gun violence.

To date, Blake has established a strong digital presence to help bring awareness to the Bradley Blake Foundation. And, when she’s not teaching, she is also busy participating in various activities to support her surrounding community and the memory of Bradley.

Most recently, the foundation took part in the Alvin South Carolina Festival Parade. Blake also recently hosted her foundation’s 1st Annual Commemorative Ball, and have scheduled a Community Awareness day in Bonneau, South Carolina, on August 16.

When asked how she hopes to make a difference in others’ lives, Blake said, “We are in the process of sponsoring a mentoring program for the youth. By mentoring youth and sharing positive information with them we’ll hopefully help in deterring them from guns, drugs and violence. In short, we want guns off the street and out of the younger generation’s hands.”

For information on ways you can help support the Bradley Blake Foundation, please visit them on their website by clicking HERE, or by following them on Facebook to keep up to date on upcoming activities. And, as always, Sylvia asks simply, “Please continue to pray for us.”