One Warm Coat—Many Warm Hearts

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One Warm Coat organizer and MSB admissions representative, Celina Serrano, collected over 20 coats for the Wayside Women’s Housing organization.

Celina Serrano, a recent Master of Business Administration graduate and currently an admissions representative, was inspired to start a collection of winter coats when she found out about the One Warm Coat organization.

One Warm Coat is an organization that facilitates the collection and donation of winter coats in and around the Minneapolis metro area. Through their site, Celina was able to obtain collection bins, flyers, posters and even stickers to help create awareness around her collection efforts. Next, she was able to choose a local charitable organization that was in need of the coats.

Having worked with various charities in the area, Celina felt a special connection with Wayside Women’s Supportive Housing organization located in St. Louis Park, Minn. When I asked Celina why she chose this organization specifically, she responded, “It was actually pretty easy to choose Wayside. I think the services they provide to women and children in the Twin Cities are invaluable, and I was eager to help them out any way we could.”

And she never looked back from there.

During her two week collection drive, Celina was able to encourage her co-workers to donate their gently used coats to this amazing cause. After it was all said and done, she had collected approximately 20 winter coats for the Wayside Women’s Supportive Housing organization. Celina’s outstanding selflessness certainly didn’t go unnoticed either—she was also presented with the certificate of appreciation for her support, from the One Warm Coat organization.

Celina’s efforts aligned perfectly with our school’s mission and vision of demonstrating a “We Care” attitude. To learn more about our students’ and staff’s charitable givings, please visit us on the web.