Online Division Announces Research Award Winner: Whitney Nass

Congratulations to Globe University-Online student Whitney Nass on winning our research award!

Congratulations to Globe University-Online student Whitney Nass! She is the Online Division’s Research Award winner for Spring Quarter 2014. For her Introduction to Business course, which is part of her business administrative assistant diploma, Whitney used a variety of resources to explain the roles of marketing plans in product development. We interviewed Whitney to learn how she put together such an excellent research paper. Read on to learn more about Whitney’s tips for successful research and writing:

What is your favorite library resource for doing research?

The most useful library resource I discovered was the quick link to APA citation. The link laid out citations in each different format that I needed. I just needed to know what type of resource I was using and the link would show me how to put the citation together.

What is your best advice for other students who are doing research?

Take time to gather your thoughts. I like to print out the resources I find online so that I have a hard copy of the material. I will then go through with a highlighter to highlight the parts that I find pertinent to my topic. This helps organize my thoughts and also lets me know how much good information I have gathered. This way I can visually see what topics I am lacking information on.

What was the most important thing you learned during your research paper writing experience?

Use your instructor as a resource! I had a wonderful instructor who was willing to work with me and help point me in the right direction. For this research paper we were able to choose our own topic. I sent my instructor three different ideas for the paper, and I was given feedback on each idea I had, which ultimately helped me choose my topic.

Were there any tips you learned while writing this paper that you’re going to use next time you write a paper?

Do research about your research. Start a preliminary research on your topic at hand to see all the different ways your paper could go. Look through all the subtopics you could create and expand on them. After I started writing, I realized that my topic had so much information I had to find a way to eliminate and condense some of the information.

Tell us about your previous writing experience.

I already have a bachelor’s in early childhood education. During my four year degree I was asked to write quite a few papers. The most memorable paper I wrote was a final paper about my student teaching experiences. It was five pages of explanations, memories and reflection. Papers that I can put my own personal views or experiences in are my favorite to write.

Walk us through your research process.

For this particular research paper we were able to choose our topic as long as it pertained to the class. After I had thought of a few topics for my paper, I used a search engine to see how much information was accessible to me. I also conversed with my professor to get his opinion on the topics I had chosen. After I had my topic, I printed out most of the information that I had found on the internet. I highlighted information on these printouts that I found useful. I used the highlighted information to form a thesis and direction for my paper. I have learned through this experience to not only use an internet search engine but to use the library as a resource!