It’s Not Too Late to WIN $100!

First, welcome to Early Fall Quarter, and second, do you want to learn how you could
win up to $50 or even $100?  Keep reading…and my guess is most of you have a Facebook account, but how many of you use have ever used Twitter?  For the longest time, I didn’t understand what Twitter was or why it mattered to me.   I didn’t really care what Ashton Kutcher or Betty White had to say about what they were having for lunch, and I certainly didn’t have anything interesting to tell them either.

Then something clicked…

I realized that Twitter could be a great way for me to stay informed about things happening in higher education, to learn about best practices, and to help strengthen our delivery of online courses.  From there, I started following others like Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education, along with a number of other thoughtful and insightful leaders in education.  Then, I built up some courage and shared my first “Tweet”, because I saw something that I thought was pretty cool, so I wanted others to see it too.  Now, to help you get started, we are going to have a little contest to see how many followers we can add to our each of our Online Division Twitter accounts.

Wait…why Should you Follow the Online Division?

By following us, you’ll stay informed about important and new things happening
within our schools, and you’ll be able to connect with your fellow students and instructors

Ok…so How Do You Win the Contest?

It’s simple…if you have a Twitter account, click on the links below and follow us,
and if you don’t have a Twitter account, create one, and then follow us…

Then, if you follow us, your name will get thrown into a hat to win a $50 Gift Card.  Wait, there is more…for those of you who are Twitter veterans, if you Retweet something that you see on any of these Twitter feeds, we’ll throw your name into a different hat to win another $50 Gift Card.  Keep in mind, prizes for Following and Retweeting will be awarded for each online division, so that’s a total 6 different $50 Gift Cards with a maximum of $100 for one student for each online division.  Finally, we’ll keep the contest open through the month of August to give all of you an opportunity to Follow, Retweet, and win!

One more thing, don’t forget to Follow Me on Twitter too!

About Seth Tesdall

Seth Tesdall is the Regional Director for the Online Division of the Globe Education Network (GEN) including Globe University Online and Minnesota School of Business Online.  He manages all online learning operations and has been with the GEN since June of 2006.  Collectively, he has nearly ten years of experience managing online degree programs including admissions, enrollment management, student affairs, and student records operations.