Online Library 2013 Review

By Elaine Settergren, Online Librarian

Researching at the Globe University-Online library has never been easier! We created a whole new look for the library’s website, including a new name. Our site is now called LibraryConnect. At the new LibraryConnect, asking a librarian or finding the right guide for your research is faster and easier than it was on our old website.

Some of our other highlights from 2013 were:

–          Honored more Research Award recipients

–          Answered your research and citation questions

–          Purchased thousands of new eBooks that were hand-selected to be relevant to your classes

 In fact, one of the new collections of eBooks we have subscribed to this year has over 120,000 titles!

Finally, the Online Librarians, Elaine Settergren and Alyssa Novak, have created and revised videos and tutorials to go along with your classroom learning. Views on our YouTube channel increased by 3,000 since last year. Some of the top viewed videos we had in 2013 were: “APA Citation in 5 Minutes,” “What is APA?,” “What is Zinio?,” “Introduction to Information,” and “Learn About Trade Sources.”

We’re proud of the work we’ve done in 2013, and we will strive to continue to provide excellent library resources and services in 2014.

We hope that 2014 brings you success, fun, and library research! Please take a look at our infographic to learn more about what we did this year.