Online Students Celebrate at Grad Ceremony!

college graduation

On Friday, Dec. 20, 2012 the Online division proudly awarded diplomas to our 135 Fall Quarter graduates. The ceremony was held in the high school auditorium of the Richfield Senior High School in Richfield, Minn.

Two students and an instructor anxiously await taking the stage

The keynote speaker for the event was local TV station, KSTP 5, reporter Tim Sherno. Sherno delivered a powerful message to the gradates about the importance of fearlessness. Sherno highlighted the importance of trying new things and not being afraid of embarrassment:

Being afraid of embarrassment means you’re missing out. Nerds have fun too! You should seek to push the boundaries, explore, don’t be afraid.”

Sherno also went on to address the idea of making conversations count, in real life, and your professional life:

As you set out on your career path, I have a secret for you that will have an effect on your life. Talk with people. It’s that simple. Don’t talk AT people. When you don’t interact with people you’re missing out.  There is no guarantee that the conversations will ever mean anything, but what if it does? In building these relationships with people, you never know where they’ll lead.”

A group of friends pose for a picture. These are relationships that’ll last a lifetime.

Once Sherno had spoken and all of the diplomas were awarded, it was time to celebrate with cake and punch. Please join me in applauding all of our Online students’ hard work and dedication to take the next step in their careers.