Paralegal Student Knows How to Help Those with Legal Needs

paralegal degree

Miller Family

Jenny Miller, Globe University online student, began her paralegal degree program in July 2011.  Jenny knew that the classes offered at Globe University would be important in finding a career that was fulfilling and exciting.  As she has continued her education at Globe, she realized the value of the school’s commitment to applied and service learning.

Globe University follows an educational model that encourages students to become involved in their community in order to apply the concepts and theories that are learned in the classroom in the “real world.”

Jenny was able to apply many of the skills that she has learned in her paralegal degree program during her Field Preparation class. Jenny chose to work at the Free Legal Clinic of La Crosse, in which volunteer attorneys and their paralegals provide legal advice to those that cannot afford to hire legal counsel.  Topics can include family law, landlord/tenant, criminal, traffic, employment and financial matters.

Jenny assumed an important role for this organization.  She greeted clients, provided a brief explanation of the services offered, assisted with paperwork, answered client questions and developed a summary of the client’s situation to present to the attorney prior to the meeting.

Many of the skills learned throughout Jenny’s education were important in this role.  She had to employ excellent verbal communication skills, active listening and her knowledge of the legal concepts assisted her in summarizing to the attorney.  Jenny plans to continue to volunteer with this organization in the future because she realizes the importance of giving back to her community whenever possible.

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