Protect Yourself from Identity Theft!

Join us on Tuesday, May 8th and Thursday, May 10th for Elluminate sessions that can help you take measures to protect yourself against identity theft.


The presentations will include topics such as:


  • Current state of affairs for identity theft – statistics,
    trends, etc.
  • Why is this happening – causes.
  • How are they doing it – techniques the criminals use.
  • Vulnerabilities – how is the average person exposed to identity
  • Data breaches and your personal information.
  • Prevention tips – how to become a smaller target.
  • Isekurity – a brief explanation of what I think is the
    most comprehensive service to detect theft and help victims. (not a sales

Click the links below for the Elluminate training sessions.
Below is the link for the identity theft training session on Tuesday May 8th at 6PM

Below is the link the identity theft training session on Thursday May 10th at 12:00 PM (noon)