Recommit to Your Resolution: Tips from Globe University Staff

We all talk about resolutions towards the end of December and into the first week of January. Whether you have decided to work out more or you have a career-minded goal, oftentimes by the beginning of February, those good intentions are a distant memory.

I know in the offices of Globe University, many of us chatted about what our goals and resolutions for the year would be. Globe University staff have shared some of their resolutions and the progress on their resolution:

Rick Johnson, executive admissions representative, has a goal of getting back into shape. One obstacle he has experienced is his gym membership ending. To overcome this he is re-joining a gym so he can get in shape for an upcoming wedding and a marathon in June.

Rebecca Goodroad, academic coordinator, has a goal that many of our students share. She took time off from school and has recently jumped back into her Master’s of Science in Management program. Goodroad successfully completed her first class and is ready to move onto the start of another in March.

Lexi Gorshe, admissions representative, is working on improving her overall health and wellness. She knows every day is different and adjusts as she goes along if she feels she is not making progress. One tip that Gorshe utilizes is to plan ahead if she knows she has a busy work week ahead.

Do any of their goals sound familiar? I have laid out some tips to help you reach your resolution.

The first thing you should do before you recommit to your resolution is to take a look at why you stopped working towards your resolution. Was your goal too challenging? Did you make enough time to accomplish your goal? Did you lack support from your family? Whatever the reason may be, reflect on why you did not succeed and what you can do to succeed. 

Once you have taken a look at your previous goal, try to incorporate the following tips to help you succeed and meet your resolutions.

Start Small – If your original resolution was a sweeping change, see how you can pull back and re-calibrate your goal. Make sure your resolution is realistic.

Setbacks – Don’t beat yourself up if you had a bad day and fell off the track. Tomorrow is a new day and it gives you another chance to start working towards your goal. Don’t stop working towards your goal even if you have had a setback.

Have Fun – This is your resolution, not a chore. Come up with a list of creative ideas to keep you on track.

Reminders – Leave yourself notes and reminders. Put a Post-It on your mirror or set a reminder on your iPad®.

Resources – Reach out to a professional, coworker, classmate, friend or family member to help you accomplish your goal.

Write it Down – Make a plan, write it down and stick to it. Writing down your plan will help you create a plan versus just winging it. 

Make the Time – Make sure you carve out time in your schedule to accomplish your goal.

There’s an App for that – If your goal is weight loss, spending less money, finding a new job or you just want to track your goals, check out the Apple® App store. There are apps to track nearly anything you may need so that you can help keep your goal in sight.

Reaching your goals and resolutions can be challenging, but if you take a deep look at your resolution and create a plan, it will increase the likelihood of reaching your goals.

What resolution are you going to recommit to?