Applied Learning Project Leaves Lasting Memories for IT Student

As a student at Globe University-Online, part of your curriculum includes completing a service learning project. Service learning projects provide our students with a chance to volunteer at an organization in their community, and put to work the skills they’ve been working on in the classroom.

But, for information technology student, Chad B., the lasting effects of his service learning project can still be felt months later. Chad, a student in Jim Walsh’s customer service strategies course, decided to complete his service learning project by volunteering at a local job center.

So what’d Chad do at the job center?

Chad says, “I did a variety of things to help them with their day-to-day tasks. I answered phones and directed the calls to the appropriate people. I helped people coming in get signed in and answered any questions I could. One of my favorite things was helping people use the computers, which are provided by the company, to look for work, sign up for their services, and make resumes. With my background in computers, helping people unfamiliar with them gave me a great sense of accomplishment. I even was able to fix a few issues that came up, without having to call their help desk, and I saved a good amount of time for them.”

While Chad had no problem addressing the technological issues the job center faced, he also goes on to describe how he used his customer service skills he’d been working on in Jim’s classroom to find out how to help a woman in need.

Chad describes the moment he put his customer service skills into action.

“One of the most memorable things I took away from the service was a young woman that came in one day. She had come up to the desk and was very hesitant about what she needed. With a little coaxing and using more open-ended questions, I was able to gauge that she need emergency help and needed it right away. Having the knowledge from the course made it so I was able to help her, even though you could tell she was reluctant to tell the whole story,” Chad said.  “After using the open-ended questions I was able to help her and save her and her young child from losing their apartment. Also, I was able to help her get back into school and continue on with her degree. Having used the questions, I determined she had dropped out because of financial reasons. I was able to get her set up with supplementary income so she would be able to finish her schooling.”

Overall, Chad says walking away from this experience has left him thinking he made the right choice to pursue a degree in information technology. Chad says, “I have always seen myself working with computers and doing some sort of issue resolution. After going through this service project, I now know that I was dead on with what I should do with my career. Once graduation is done, the first job I will be looking for will be one that involves resolving issues with computers, be it on the phone, on the computer, or face to face.”