Student Sound-Off: 6 E-Book FAQs

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Students in courses with E-books save an average of $135 on textbook costs

As we make our way into a new Spring Quarter at Globe University Online, you may have noticed a few changes in some of your courses. Globe University has recently been working on an exciting new initiative to bring electronic textbooks (E-books) into the virtual classroom as way to offer a more convenient, interactive, and affordable textbook option for our students.

As a result of this enhancement to our courses, we’ve received a few questions from students and faculty, so here is a handy list of frequently asked questions to help many of you make a seamless transition to E-books this spring!

Q: What’s the cost of an e-book?

A: In most courses, there is a flat rate fee of $50 for the E-book[1], and this allows students to access the E-book for up to two years with the option to purchase an extended period of availability.  As you can imagine, compared to traditional textbook costs, we are very excited to offer a significantly more affordable option for our students.

Q: What types of devices are compatible with e-books?

A:  Most modern PCs and tablets are compatible with the version of E-books Globe University offers, with the exception of the Nook®. The Kindle Fire tablet is compatible, but must be used through the browser instead of the app.

Q: Can I view/read the E-book without internet access?

A: Yes! E-books are downloadable, which means you can download them to be used offline on up to two separate devices.  In addition, you will also be able to view the E-book online at any time throughout the two-year availability period.

Q: I’ve never used an E-book before. Are there resources to help me navigate them?

A: Yes! Students who have questions regarding the use of their E-books should log into Unit 1 of their course, where additional E-book links and resources are located. Should you still have trouble accessing the E-book, please contact our HelpDesk directly at: 1-877-862-0662.

Q: I have trouble reading things on my computer screen; will I be able to print out the book?

A: Yes, we will have this option available for students in the very near future, but at this time, it is not quite up and running yet for our spring quarter pilot courses.  Once we have additional details, we’ll provide updated communication to all students.

Q: I don’t have E-books in my courses now. Is this something that ALL classes will eventually have?

A: Yes! As of right now there are only 10 spring quarter courses[2] actively using the E-book option.  However, the plan is to officially roll out the E-book option, along with additional electronic learning resources, for all of our courses over the the next few quarters.

[1] Course NS116 has a fee of $75 for the E-book. The additional $25 charge includes the tool WebAssign which is an online homework management system. It is centrally-hosted, and requires a subscription fee for its users.

[2] The following courses have begun using the E-book option:

BS180 Supervisory Management

BS200 Small Business Management

BS440 Entrepreneurship

CM200 Intercultural Communication

CM220 Art of Persuasion

HM150 Health Politics and Policy

HR310 Workplace Legal Issues: Employment Law

IT255 Operating Systems II

LA205 Litigation I

NS116 College Algebra