The Top 8 Globe University-Online Stories in 2013

One of our favorite things about ringing in a New Year is that it allows us to sit back and reflect on the highlights of the last year. As you’ve all probably noticed by now, most of your news sources and social media channels are being filled with countdowns, mashups, and lists galore.

globe university-onlineSo, Globe University-Online thought we’d get into the spirit of things by creating a list of our top 8 moments in the Online division during 2013. We ran the numbers, and here are the stories YOU found the most interesting over the past year:

1. Getting fit with Christine: How a Student’s Fitness Business is Taking Off

“Christine Alfred, a current health fitness specialist student who is in her externship, decided it was time to start her own fitness business. Getting Fit with Christine is an at-home personal training service specializing in women and children.”

2. Being Bipolar: A College Student’s Journey to Graduation

“I want to raise awareness so that people with and without mental illnesses know that it’s okay to take risks and give yourself a chance in life.” —Chelsea Strangeway, business administration graduate

3. Alumni Advice: 4 Tips for After You’ve Worn the Cap and Gown

“As someone who has ‘been there, done that,’ I would like to offer some advice to new graduates.” Serena Franken, Master’s in Business Administration graduate

4. The Dream Team of Dean Teams: Meet this All-Star Line Up

“The ‘Dean Team’ is comprised of three people who help guide and foster the excellence that our instructors display in their Online classrooms every day. The Dean Team also helps oversee the programs and curriculum presented in our classrooms. So let’s meet the starting line up!”

5. 12 Habits of Successful Online Students

“We asked, and you responded! Early last week we posted a question to our Globe University Facebook pages asking for our students’ input on what tips and tricks they use to be successful in the online learning environment, and our pages lit up!”

6. How to Turn Your Community Service into Cash for College

“Each quarter, Globe University-Online awards two students $2,000 in tuition assistance.” 

7. Muscle Activation Techniques Lab Draws Students Nationwide

“Heath fitness students from California, Utah, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, North Carolina and Minnesota all eagerly participated in the weekend-long session that included a focus on the lower body muscular system, learning the MAT range of motion evaluation and muscle testing specific to the evaluation process.”

8. Top 6 Ways to Succeed in the Online Classroom

“For some students, making the decision to attend classes online requires a bit of a learning style adjustment. Thankfully, we’ve gotten some tips from real online students on what it takes to succeed in the online classroom.”


So there you have it folks. The best of the best in Globe University-Online stories from 2013. What type of stories would you like us to cover in 2014? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below or on our Facebook page here: