Top 5 reasons to take Early Fall classes!

As we prepare for Early Fall registration, which is set to kick-off May 17th, we would like to entertain you with our Top 5 reasons why Early Fall quarter is the best quarter of the year!

  1. Our Early fall quarter is a shorter quarter (only 10 weeks!) which allows you to take classes, but still have time to relax and enjoy the study break. Classes don’t begin until July 19th, so students have three full weeks between our Spring and Early Fall quarter!
  2. As you know, by taking all of your classes online during Early Fall quarter, you have the flexibility to study anywhere at any time while still enjoying the summer months.
  3. You’ll have the opportunity to complete some of your critical prerequisites for classes that you plan to take during the Fall quarter.
  4. Taking classes in the Early Fall quarter will help you finish all of your classes quicker, and in turn get a step ahead of everyone else to graduate sooner!
  5. If you have not already been convinced, if you register during open registration May 17th- June 4th you will be entered to win a New Laptop Computer! Keep in mind, the drawing will be held on Monday, August 2nd and include only students actively taking courses during Early Fall quarter.

Course recommendations will be sent out over the next few weeks from your Advisor to help you prepare for Early Fall registration that opens Monday, May 17th. Once again, please note that our Early Fall quarter runs from July 19th- September 24th, and we’re excited to work all of you as you continue on with your education this summer!