Top 5 Tips for Jobseekers

Are you looking for a new job opportunities?  Without a plan, getting started on your job search can be difficult and overwhelming.  If you are currently seeking new career opportunities, it is important to have an overall “strategy” for your job search.  Use the tips below to create your own personal strategy to get the most out of your job search.

  • Be specific. Take the time to assess yourself and think about what it is you would like to do. This may sound simple, but developing a specific area that you would like to work in can really assist you in narrowing your job search. Then, you can focus on searching and applying for positions within this field, instead of blindly applying to every position that comes up in your search.
  • Set goals. Setting goals and holding yourself accountable in reaching these goals is a necessity. Decide how many jobs you would like to apply to per week. How many job fairs or networking events will you attend this month? How many hours per week will spend looking for opportunities? Set measurable goals for yourself and follow through in meeting them. Best of all, once you have reached your goals, reward yourself!
  • Update your job seeking documents. Your materials should be revised for every single job you apply to. Take a look at the job posting you are interested in, and make sure you are addressing all of the qualifications they are looking for in either your resume or cover letter. Also, make sure that you have an up to date reference page and that your references are aware that you are using them.
  • Stay organized. Keep track of all the jobs you apply to in a journal or spreadsheet. Should you get a call for an interview, you will want to know what position you applied for, and what version of your documents you sent them. After applying to several positions it can be hard to keep track, so make sure to keep this information accessible.

Utilize your Career Services Advisor! Our department spends a great deal of time networking with potential employers and finding job opportunities for YOU. If you are actively seeking work, make sure to get in touch with your advisor at least once a week to ensure you aren’t missing out on any opportunities!