Top 5 Ways to Use Your iPad® with LibraryConnect

Written by Elaine Settergren and Alyssa Novak, Online Librarians

Using the library just got easier with the introduction of iPad® in our Globe University-Online classrooms. The library has a whole new look this quarter and the following tips will help you to use the library to its full potential on your iPad.

1. Appify it!

Set LibraryConnect as an icon on your iPad’s home screen. You’ll need to be using the Safari browser to use this feature. When you’re in Safari and at LibraryConnect, then you can use the little box with the arrow icon to “add to home screen.” Then you will always have LibraryConnect at the touch of an icon!

2. Use the guides

LibraryConnect has over 120,000 eBooks and millions of articles from over 50 databases. If you use the guides, you’ll be able to focus your search and minimize information overload.

3. Cite it

After you’ve found an article in a database, look for the “cite” button to create an APA citation.

4. Download eBooks

Download eBooks from EBSCO by using the Bluefire Reader App. You’re just a few quick steps away from downloading free eBooks from the library.

5. Ask!

Any doubts or confusion? Please Ask a Librarian! We’re here for you and happy to help!