Top 6 Ways to Succeed in the Online Classroom

Top 6 Ways to Succeed in the Online ClassroomAttending classes online at Globe University certainly has its perks. Creating an opportunity for our students to work full time while earning their degree, flexibility in study times, and the many degree programs to choose from are just a few of those benefits.

However, for some students, making the decision to attend classes online requires a bit of a learning style adjustment. Thankfully, we’ve gotten some tips from REAL online students on what it takes to succeed in the online classroom.

1. Take it in pieces –  “Other than the quizzes, which I do less than stellar on, what works the best for me is to take each assignment and discussion board in pieces. If I try and tackle the big picture for the week, it can be a little overwhelming. It helps to break it down and focus on one thing at a time and in the end it all comes together.”

2. Cross it off – “Every week I print out the unit content for the week. Then I highlight everything that I need to do and then once I complete each task, I cross it off.”

3. Pay attention to feedback – “Pay attention to the instructor’s feedback. It provides you with great advice on how to improve your performance.”

4. Manage your time- “If you are like me and procrastinate, there is still hope yet! Figure out what works for you and stick to it. Effective time management is a skill that will get you through all of your courses.”

5. Don’t be afraid to look ahead- “As an ‘older’ person who works two jobs and manages a home, I find it very important for me to look ahead in each of the three classes I take every quarter. As part of a weekly ritual (when finished with the week’s unit), I always look ahead in the unit content to see what will be due the following week. This is so I am prepared for what lies ahead.”

6. A Class a day- “I try to spend one day in the beginning of the week to do one class (Mon.-one class, Tue.-another class, Wed. – the last class). I get as much done of that class on that day. The last couple days I finish up any lingering work. There are sometimes I get to take a day off, saving just the replies for Saturday. By Sunday I usually can start the next week.”