Week 2

jessica-slaughter1Week 2 of Early Fall Quarter is here.  Your Student Accounts team encourages you to review your student ledger.  Your ledger details any charges such as tuition, books, or fees to your student account as well as any scholarships that you may have earned. 

All tuition, book charges, and fees for Early Fall quarter will be posted to your student account this week.  Students who have purchased books will see those charges added to their ledgers as well as any school scholarships such as Perfect Attendance Award or Military Scholarships. Online students are exempt from the majority of lab fees and throughout the week you will continue to see these adjusted off your account.  

  You can access your account within CampusConnect by clicking on the portal tab at the top of your home page.  Students that have not made their first monthly payment and do not have previous arrangements with Student Accounts will receive a $25.00 late fee on Monday July 25th.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your Financial Aid Administrator or Student Accounts, toll free at 1-877-609-8889