What Career Services can do for YOU!

career services, online divisionAs a reminder, Minnesota School of Business, Globe University, and Broadview University provides a Career Services department at each of our residential campuses as well as for the Online campus! Career Services is available to all of our current students as well as graduates. This department offers a variety of useful resources and services including:

•            Critiquing your career documents (i.e resume, cover letter, etc.)

•            Assisting you in finding job leads

•            Recommending ways to network

•            Interviewing preparation and practice

•            Assistance with posting your resume on the school’s online job board

•            Monthly online training sessions covering a variety of career topics

•            Hosting career fairs and recommending other career –related events

•            Guidance throughout virtually every step of the job search process!

As you continue with your job search or work towards moving ahead with your current career, please take advantage of all the services that Career Services has to offer. Our department provides lifetime career assistance, which means we are always here to help you reach your career goals! Get in touch with your Career Services Advisor today!