What Has the Library Done for You Lately?

By Elaine Settergren, Online Librarian

2012 was so much fun! The Globe University Online Librarians, Elaine Settergren and Alyssa Novak, had a great year helping connect students to the research they needed to succeed in school.

Some of the highlights for us were: creating and revising instructional videos, answering questions from students and faculty, and buying eBooks. If you’re wondering what types of videos the librarians create, the three most popular videos on our YouTube channels are:
– APA Citation in 5 Minutes
– What is APA?
– Finding Sample Business Plans

In October, we were honored to speak at the Minnesota Library Association conference (about screencasting) and the Minnesota Career College Association conference (about the benefits and pitfalls of searching Google). We hope that 2013 brings you success, fun, and library research! Take a look at our infographic to learn more about what we did this year!

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