What is your Unique Value Proposition

To stand out as an employee and as a job candidate, knowing what talents, abilities, gifts and skills (TAGS) you have to offer is vital.  Do a self-assessment and really reflect on what unique value you bring to the table.  Make a list off all your TAGS – don’t limit yourself here, just free flow with this.  Need help with doing this – try the Skills Profiler on CareerOneStop.org’s site – http://www.careerinfonet.org/skills/default.aspx?nodeid=20


Then to help you determine what your unique value proposition is, pick the top three areas that you feel you excel in.  As you reflect on those create a single sentence that encompasses those three areas.  Yes, this can be tough – but it is worth it.  Being able to brand yourself and stand out will make a difference.  Here is a blog on personal branding I highly recommend following – http://www.thepersonalbrandingblog.com/


Remember to that the Career Services Team is here to assist you – just contact us!!