Work or WORK: Which One Are You Doing?

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Globe University Online Associate Director of Admissions, Kelli Hollingsworth

It’s the holiday season and everyone is hustling around getting ready to enjoy time with family and friends.  But, I wanted to share something with everyone and hope that this makes you think about the real meaning of Christmas and also your life.

I attended a funeral service for a close friend recently, who made a major impact on my life and in the lives of thousands of other people. A few weeks back, at the service, his son delivered a lifelong lesson that his dad taught him.

He said that his dad always taught him that there is one important word in your life that has two meanings, and that word is “work” and “Work”.  The little “w” in work stands for what you do every day, how you make a living; it’s just what you do and it’s very important because it puts food on the table and clothes on your back. 

The big “W” is the work that you are doing for others to help improve the lives and the world around you.  I know it seems basic, but think back to what you’re doing with the big “W” in your life.  Are you making a difference and are you improving someone else’s quality of life?  Maybe it’s just simply saying “hi” to a stranger on the street or smiling at someone who seems down.

 As I think about my life and what I am doing, I think about all the people’s lives that I have helped just by helping them get started with school.  I ran into a former paralegal degree student a week ago and she looked at me as she got tears in her eyes and said, “If it weren’t for you I don’t know where I would be. You helped me start school and now I am almost done and graduating in a few weeks.  I wanted to quit but you wouldn’t let me. Thank you.” 

Hearing that reenergized me and confirmed that yes, the daily routine of the “w” work can be tough at times but it’s important to remember the big “W” and the impact that is having.  The world needs more big “W” focused people, making a difference.  Choose to make a difference and to be a positive impact on everyone around you.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

By guest blogger Kelli Hollingsworth, Globe University Associate Dean of Online Admissions