Would You Hire You? Practice Interviewing Online!

Globe University Online is pleased to announce the use of a new tool that will allow students to better prepare for interviews.  Students will use InterviewStream’s practice video interview platform to hone and perfect their interview skills. 

Students will select interview questions from either a set of program specific questions that the Career Services team has complied or a general question set and then use a webcam to record their answers.  That recording can then be shared with others, a career advisor, instructor, friend, etc., so that feedback can be given on how the student performed.

“We are very excited to be launching this tool to our students given our commitment to providing life-time assistance with the most current tools and the wide geographical locations of our students,” said Director of Career Services, Lesley Farnham.  “InterviewStream gives us yet another way to guide our students to best represent themselves in interviews.  It will also allow us a more personal connection with our students.”

Initially the tool is being launched through the school’s online Career Resource Center but there are hopes to incorporate it into classes as well.  To help launch the tool to students we are making use of InterviewStream’s Job Idol contest where students will record their answer to the infamous “Tell me about yourself” question.  Prizes will be given to three students who best answer that question as selected by a panel of judges from the Career Services Department.


About InterviewStream

Founded in 2003, InterviewStream is the pioneer of pre-recorded and live video interviewing solutions. Over 500 clients, including corporations, executive search firms, staffing firms, global career transition firms and universities, have completed more than 500,000 interviews using InterviewStream’s proven technology. With award-winning design, usability and 24/7 customer support, InterviewStream is the only solution that enables users to personalize and record video interview questions on its enterprise platform.