MSB Nursing Students Learn About Holistic Care at Annual Conference

Feb. 20, 2016, was a day filled with educations and self-care for three Globe University & Minnesota School of Business nursing students who attended the Minnesota Student Nurses Association annual conference: “Healing Hands: A Comprehensive Look At Holistic Nursing.”

SNA reps

Left to right: Natalie Loher, Holly Penoyer and Leah Pace

Here are a few of the highlights of the day.

Holly Penoyer: “Our experience at this convention was amazing! We learned so much about different aspects of nursing that either I had never thought of before, or wanted more information on. There were multiple booths for different health care organizations, Allina, and Fairview, HCMC. Other booths included Hurst, MNA, and other colleges to continue your nursing education.

Our day started with a light breakfast that was sponsored by some of the vendors. Then we had a keynote speaker that told us about her journey through nursing and reminded us that nursing is more than just treating the disease, it is treating the patient as a whole. After that, we went into different breakout sessions. In these sessions, you got extensive knowledge on different aspects of the career field. The session I chose first was to go to Hurst. This company helps you study for the NCLEX. The presenter gave us different study tips and different ways she teaches nursing students how to pass the NCLEX. This was very helpful for me to know these educational companies are out there. Next, I went to a presentation from Minnesota Nurses Association. Here I learned that there are more options in nursing than just bedside nursing. I also learned a little more about how nursing unions work. This wasn’t as helpful to me, but it was still good information.

Before going to lunch, the candidates for the new Minnesota Student Nursing Association gave their speech on why they should be chosen for their applied position. Leah was the only candidate for the chair commissioner, and I was the only candidate for leader to breakthrough to nursing.

Then we had lunch, followed by a self-health session. Here we could go get a five-minute massage from a student from Gustavus College, use essential oils, adult coloring books, and see a healing touch presentation.

In our last breakout session, I learned about travel nursing. Thirteen-week sessions at different hospitals. This is great opportunity to travel. Something I will be pursuing in the future.

Then we passed out prizes that the vendors gave away and the raffle sponsored by the MSNA board.

After, we announced the new Board members. No surprise that Leah and I got the positions we applied for. I am very excited to sit on this board of student nurses. It will be a great opportunity. My position is to help mentor new students on NCLEX and about nursing in general. With this, we found out that we get to go to the National Convention, which will be held in Orlando FL this year. It will take place from March 30-April 3. MSNA is able to send us with little to no expense on our part. Very exciting!!!”

Leah Pace: “The experience at the conference was wonderful! When we first arrived, we got a ton of information about places to work from vendors and information about furthering our education past our BSN. Then we had a few breakout sessions. The first was by Hurst. They showed us a study guide and how they prep students for the NCLEX. It was very interesting. The other break-out session I enjoyed, was about travel nursing. The woman spoke about the positives and negatives. It seems like travel nursing could be a fun experience for a short amount of time. After the breakout sessions, we all met back in the ballroom and listened to the ICU panel from HCMC, speak. They spoke about a day in the ICU and what it is like. ICU seems like it would be a great area to work in. I think I am interested in trauma, so this may be a great area for me in the future. But really, I am not sure where I will end up yet because I have a few interests.

Lastly, we did the speeches for the voting for the MSNA panel. Holly and I put together speeches and spoke in front of everyone. We were both pretty nervous! We both got voted in and will be on the panel. I am very excited. Lastly, my name got picked for a Kaplan NCLEX review session. I am very excited about that. Overall it was a great experience. I would highly recommend that more students attend this convention in the future.”

Natalie Loehr: “I had a great time at the convention on Saturday! It was a great experience to learn about the different opportunities for nurses. I am so happy that I decided to go with Leah and Holly. After attending the convention, I feel like we gained some new ideas to incorporate potentially for MSB SNA. I was inspired by the guest speaker Terry Potter because she is so dedicated to nursing and empowers others to support the actual meaning of nursing. I found her speech enlightening and I am going to take her words of wisdom and continue in nursing to create a relationship that focuses on the patient’s story.

I highly recommend nursing students to attend the convention because the whole day was filled with great information and they offer prizes that are beneficial to a nursing student. They have vendors there that represent different healthcare companies and colleges with information about pursuing a nursing career or advancing it. I am highly interested in attending next year! Also, we have some ideas for the nursing forum if you are taking ideas for this year.”

Written by Kendra Saal, MSN, RN, Dean of Nursing at Minnesota School of Business – Richfield.