Self-Care for Nursing students

BSN Nursing Students Attend Annual Forum

Nursing students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, Richfield Campus, attended a day-long Nursing Forum focused on self-care of nurses and on current issues related to nursing practice in Minnesota.

The keynote speaker for the self-care portion of the program, Janet Rounsville RN, MSN, shared her master’s thesis work related to work life balance (WLB) and intent to stay in the profession of nursing. Results of Rounsville’s research indicated a significant correlation of positive WLB to increased satisfaction in the professional role, with intent to stay in practice.

Rounsville gave suggestion as to how to positively affect WLB for nursing students, which included tips on time management, maintaining personal relationships with time included for recreation, and seeking help when needed.

SNA Officers, Lauren Lehmkuhl, Trish Filipi, Sarah Kaiser-Schatzlein, Katie Theisen

In addition, graduates of the program shared their perspectives on preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam, seeking nursing positions, and promotion of life-long learning by moving on to graduate studies in a panel discussion sponsored by the Minnesota School of Business Student Nurse Association.

BSN Alumni, Natalie Gorecki, Alicia Mengelkoch, Zach Linde, James Friedman