5 Hacks for Research Papers to Celebrate National Library Week

Written by Globe University-Online librarians Elaine Settergren and Ally Addison

Librarian Elaine Settergren celebrating National Library Week

Explore unlimited possibilities at your library this National Library Week. When your research papers are assigned this quarter, you can use these five hacks to write and research smarter.

  1. Start with an APA Citation template. All the formatting will be in the right place for you so you can concentrate on the content.
  2. Try out the Research Project Calculator to keep yourself on task as you go through the writing process.
  3. Before research frustrates you: ask a librarian for advice. A librarian can help point you in the direction of high-quality resources to save you time.
  4. When you find an article that you like in a library database, look for a “cite” button. The database will create an APA citation for you!
  5. Choose 2-3 aspects of your writing to improve upon and ask the tutors at Smarthinking to comment on those when you submit your draft.

Be sure to stop by the Online Library’s Fun Stuff page to see more ways to celebrate National Library Week. We’ll be posting student, staff and faculty READ posters all week.

You can also take part in the National Library Week celebration online by using the #LibraryMade hashtag on social media. If your campus library or public library helped you ace a test, produce a video, create a healthy meal, sew a hat, find a job, or grow your small business, you can share it for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate! There are more details available on the #LibraryMade page.