Alumni Spotlight: Globe Graduates Journey Comes Full Circle

Have you ever started something knowing exactly where you wanted to end up? For Globe University graduate Angie Simpson this was the case. In 2012, Angie started her journey with Globe University’s business administration program. From the very beginning, she felt Globe was special and knew after she graduated she wanted to part of other students journeys!

Alumni Angie Simpson

Globe University Alumni-Angie Simpson

Like many people, Angie attended a traditional four-year college right after high school but it was not the right fit. For 10 years she worked and raised her three children with her husband. She was ready for a change and decided to take the plunge back into college!

Along with encouragement from her sister, Angie had a strong reason for wanting to return to college.

“One of the biggest reasons for returning was to show my children that it can be done and to believe in yourself,” Angie said. Showing her children the hard work that she went through was so important to teach them valuable life lessons of what hard work can bring you.

While attending Globe University, Angie received immense campus support from her instructors and staff. The support from career services and her instructors resonated deeply with her. Angie shared that the moment she enrolled she felt the support of all of the staff. She felt they were invested in her success.

The ability to take classes online as well as at a campus also supported her educational goals. It allowed her to have the flexibility to still raise her family and complete her education. Often after her children went to bed, Angie could be found doing her classwork!

Being a mother of three and attending college is no easy feat and Angie succeeded! After graduating, Angie achieved her goal of becoming part of Globe University by becoming an Admissions Representative for the Online Division. Angie will sometimes come across a person who may think they are unable to complete college but she believes that she is proof that you can do it! Angie knows what it takes to be a successful student and loves to share her story.

A moment from Angie’s entire experience that made an impact was having her daughter asking to visit her at work. Angie brought her in one day and her daughter already wants to start college and work at Globe University. Being a role model for her children confirmed her decision to return to college!

Angie’s advice to a potential student who may question if they have time is simply this:

“It CAN be done.”

Angie is proof of this every day. She shares this quote that resonates with her and her experience.

“Success is waking up in the morning and bounding out of bed because there’s something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you’re good at – something that’s bigger than you are, and you can hardly wait to get at it again” –  Whit Hobbs.

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