Always be prepared. How a Mock Interview Changed One Student’s Life!

There are many classes that are required throughout your college career at Globe University & Minnesota School of Business-Online. Through these classes you have numerous opportunities to get out in your community or to network with industry professionals. How many times have you thought that an encounter for school would lead to you finding a job that would change the trajectory of your life? For Forensic Accounting Graduate, Amy Runkle, she had one encounter that made a life-changing impact.

amy runkle

Forensic Accounting Graduate Amy Runkle

Like many prospective students, Runkle was working long hours and missing out on holidays with family due to her work as a detention deputy. This was not how she wanted to continue the rest of her life, so Runkle made a goal to obtain her bachelor’s degree.

“I thought it was important to show my daughter that education and following your dreams is important,” Runkle said.

The online format of school was exactly what Runkle was looking for when she started to look for a college. It gave her the flexibility she needed as a working mother.

“While looking at my options I found the forensic accounting program. I was intrigued because it took my love for corrections and my love for accounting and rolled it into one. I began researching the profession and I was hooked,” Runkle explained.

Runkle worked her way through the forensic accounting program in 3 1/2  years. Though challenging with her many commitments outside of school, her journey brought her to the Career Capstone course. This course focuses on career exploration, job search tools, resources and professionalism.

Runkle was admittedly not excited for the mock interview assignment, but little did she know that the mock interview would change the course of her life. After completing her “interview” with an industry professional, she was asked if she was looking for a “real” job. He then gave her information about an open job posting. Later that night Runkle sent a thank you for the mock interview and applied for the real position. Within two days she had an interview scheduled.

The Career Capstone course and career services played a pivotal role in Runkle’s journey.

“Preparing my resume, cover letter, and examples of work for the Career Capstone class helped me be successful in obtaining the career of my dreams. Career Services also helped review my professional documents, reached out to me to give me encouragement, and even followed up to see how the interview went and to congratulate me on my new career.”

The week of graduation Runkle received a job opportunity of a lifetime because of her “dreaded” mock interview assignment. The experience was life changing as she accepted a job within an Internal Audit Division for the Mayo Clinic.

“The assignments for your career capstone class are very important for you future profession. The instructors are vested in your success as well as great about providing constructive criticism for your documents. This class could be the most beneficial for your new professional goals,” Runkle said.

Have you had your life-changing moment?