Benefits to Joining a Professional Association

Joining a professional association as a student has many benefits. Professional associations allow you to develop your skills further in your particular area of interest through online resources, journal and magazine subscriptions included with membership, and invitations to conferences and conventions with expert speakers. They can also provide career events, specialized job listings, and networking opportunities. Being a member can show potential employers your dedication to the field. In addition, professional associations usually provide substantial discounts to student members. As one example, the Financial Planning Association (, is $395 per year for financial planners, but only $35 for students! Other professional associations you might want to consider include the American Management Association ($95, or $45 for e-membership, , the American Marketing Association ($45,, the National Association of Sales Professionals (free,, or the Society for Human Resource Management ($35, Your instructors will also have good advice regarding professional associations in specific business fields.