Continuing to Grow as an Instructor

Globe University & Minnesota School of Business-Online instructors often take on roles beyond teaching. Our instructors also have careers in the fields they are teaching. Instructors also participate in continuing education, community service, and conferences just to name a few activities.

Recently, Meredith Butulis, the program chair for the health fitness program had an opportunity to present at the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science 25th Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. This is an association that is dedicated to the improvement of dancers health. The audience included professionals from the medical, allied health, fitness and movement educators’ field.

Program Chair Meredith Butulis trying out a Pilates tool at recent conference.

Program Chair Meredith Butulis trying out a Pilates tool at a recent conference.

While at the conference, Butulis not only had the opportunity to present on Missed Diagnoses in Dance Medicine, she also had the chance to explore the conference and learn more about her industry which she has immersed herself in!

“There were research presentations and hands-on movement sessions of huge variety from across the globe,” says Butulis. “During one session on sensory integration in Pilates, I found myself in a cocoon-shaped fabric designed to help enhance use of the right musculature during Pilate’s exercises.”

Going to this conference also gave Butulis the chance to see trends in the dance medicine and science field. Butulis shares why continuing education and conferences are so important.

“The allied health and fitness fields are constantly evolving at a rapid pace. As a professional, I always want to deliver the best service to my clients. Conferences like this offer an opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of research that will likely be published in 1-2 years,” she says. “Growing my professional tool box through continuing education offers a huge pallet of techniques and skills to draw from when individually trying to meet a client’s needs. However, I always come back to my educational foundations and evidence-based decision making when deciding the who, what, when, where, and why of applying cutting-edge evidence and techniques from continuing education.”

Staying up to date in an ever changing world is so important in today’s workforce. Butulis is just one example of our instructor’s committing themselves to their career field and students!