Familiar Face, New Role: Meet Your Campus Director

Globe University & Minnesota School of Business-Online is excited to announce a new campus director. Charlie Buehler has been part of Globe University in some capacity for the past five years, but has recently made the transition to the campus director role. Buehler took some time to introduce himself.

Online Campus Director Charlie Buehler

Online Campus Director Charlie Buehler

“I come to online by way of Globe University-Sioux Falls. I started there in 2011 as an admissions consultant, the pilot role that developed into the college representative role. In March of 2012, I was able to step into the director of admissions role which I held until coming to online as the director of admissions in March 2015.

While in Sioux Falls, I also had the chance to teach, which truly gave me an appreciation of not only what our instructors do each day, but also what our students are experiencing and going through as the navigate this journey.

In July of this year, I was asked to assist with training our new admissions representatives in addition to my role as online director of admissions. I love developing and mentoring, so I really enjoyed working within that role. I recently took on the campus director role for online and am certainly looking forward to the challenges and opportunities our online division has before it.

My partner Tony and I have seven awesome (and stressful) boys. We have adopted all of them through the foster care system. We have done foster care for 10 years and have had approximately 35 children in our home during that time. We have multiple personalities and nationalities in our household, which generally means a lot of fighting and really good food!

In addition to the boys, we have two great danes (Sammy and Morgan), a chihuahua (Willy), and a yellow-napped amazon parrot (Arturo or R2). Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to mention “the cat.” I’m not a cat person, but came home to one about a month back. Her name is Lady Roy (they thought she was a he and named him Roy and it stuck). So basically, my house is loud and never dull!

Like most of our students, I went to school later than the traditional student. By my mid-20s I realized that although I was good at what I did, I didn’t enjoy it. So, I enrolled and attended Augustana College (now Augustana University) in Sioux Falls, SD. I earned my degree in Religion and French and decided to go on to graduate school. I attended Harvard Divinity School and got my Master of Theological Studies with an emphasis in Jewish studies and Holocaust literature. After that, my boys basically had a revolt and I decided that I was not going to pursue my Ph.D. I don’t regret one thing about that choice. And although I may not be working in the field of my degree, the content and the degrees themselves provided me with abilities and skills that I have used every day since.

I look forward to connecting with as many students, staff, and faculty as possible in the coming weeks. Please feel free to reach out or swing by my office at the Woodbury Campus and see me!”