Globe University Grad says Support Led to His College Success

For many people, the family is often defined as a mom, brother or cousin. Often, though, there are others that you may consider family. These are individuals who have supported you while you have gone through a journey. For recent graduate Alec Fischer, he considers Globe University online staff and faculty to be part of his family for the role they have played in his college career.

Graduate Alec Fischer with Globe University Online Staff, Samantha Hainey and Reynald Baylen

Graduate, Alec Fischer with Globe University Online Staff, Samantha Hainey and Reynald Baylen

When talking with Alec, you can feel his gratitude toward his instructors and staff who have helped him throughout his journey. Alec had previously attended other universities but struggled to find the right balance. With a recommendation to check out Globe University in hand, Alec sought out Globe University-Online to fulfill his dream of obtaining his college degree. Alec said he felt the support from the beginning of his degree to the end.

A pivotal person and a part of Alec’s Globe family was online admissions representative Reynald Baylen. With the support of Reynald, Alec was able to put adversity behind him and continue on his collegiate journey.

“Alec knew that I was there to help. He never hesitated to reach out. I am so proud of all his hard work and perseverance to complete his college degree. I was so excited that I had the opportunity to see him graduate and congratulate him in person for his accomplishment,” Reynald shared.

Everyone has challenges in life; Alec’s happens to be autism. He has not let this hinder his education or his success.

“I have put adversity behind me,” Alec said. He was able to work on his education with the support of the Globe University instructors. Whenever Alec had a question or something was not quite up to the grade, instructors guided Alec and help him learn the necessary material. The guidance is exactly what he needed.

Another part of Alec’s Globe family was career services coordinator Samantha Hainey.

“I am so honored to have the chance to assist Alec through the job search process and I am very proud of him for overcoming challenges that he had and completing his degree. It was great to see how determined he was and working on getting a career that he will love. He has made great strides and know he will do amazing things,” Samantha said.

A huge motivator for Alec to complete college was inspiration from his grandfather. He wanted to show him that he could obtain his college degree. In March of 2016. he was able to meet his goal. He walked across the stage at graduation to receive his associates of applied science in business administration. His family and Globe family all celebrated his success.

Alec is proof that no matter what challenges you may have, you can reach your goal. One piece of advice that Alec shares is “follow your heart and lean on people you love.” He has done this and it has resulted in his degree!

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