Health Care: Where the jobs are!

Dr Cheryl Anderson

The many different sectors of health care promise to create new jobs and new opportunities for many years. The jobs that exist today will continue to change and morph into new and different jobs tomorrow and next year. When entering the field of health care management, remember to keep an open mind and be flexible for these new challenges.

While some in the health care management program may have a clinical background, many others are entering this field anxious to find a management entrance into health care. The undergrad health care management program trains new managers to take first level and starting management positions. For those with experience, the degree can mean moving to a management level position within your same organization.

I see an ever growing need for health care managers in the work with older adults. As the country grays, there is a need for innovative ways to provide care to the oldest of society. While nursing home care is declining, the need for newer models of assisted care, home care, foster grandparent programs, and home and community based services is growing. Thus, working in various modes of health care managed in service to older adults is a growth opportunity.

Another area of significant growth is in health care compliance and health care quality. The monitoring and efforts to reduce and eliminate fraud while improving health outcomes promises to have many new jobs, too. Federal legislation has helped increase fraud reduction efforts. Working in this area of health care is intriguing. Health care organizations from multi-system facilities to small clinics and health plans are all hiring health care managed in health care compliance and health care quality.

The newest federal legislation and move to Accountable Care Organizations will also promise new and different types of health care management positions. Keep your options open as you are a student in the health care management program!