Jeff Davis, Business Program Chair for the Online Division

Jeff Davis, Business Program Chair for the Online Division, has taught a variety of courses.  Most often, Jeff teaches the Investments course as well as courses in the Business
Management program.  Jeff began teaching college courses about 15 years ago and loved it so much that he has been teaching part-time ever since.  Jeff started with us in 2004 and has been teaching for the online division since 2007.

Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance.  Jeff has also been an entrepreneur.  He started his first business in 1983.  Jeff’s current business is an LLP that he founded about ten years ago, providing asset management (stocks, bonds, options, futures, and other assets) for individual investors, as well as consulting for small businesses and start-ups.

Jeff lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.  When he is not working, he enjoys entertaining his dogs, practicing his photography skills, watching or reading sci-fi, rowing, or playing computer